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  • Essay on My school for class 2-5┃335 words

    Essay on My School for class 2 to 5.The essay on My School is written in simple and easy to understand way with 335 words.My School is my second house

    My School

              Essay on My school for class 2-5┃325 words

    My school is my second house and I like to go to school. The name of my school is - (write your school name here). My school is a well-known  school in my city.

     Our school has classes from nursery to class twelve. In my school, there are about 1000 students. My school build is white in colour and has four floors. In each floor, there are many class rooms and a long corridor. Each classroom is big, well lighted and airy and has air conditioner and CCTV camera. There are also teachers’ room, Principal’s room, common room etc.

     In front of my school building, there is a big play ground where I play with my friends during tiffin break. We do our morning prayers and physical education classes in this field. My school has a well-equipped laboratory and a computer room. My school also has a big library of huge collection of books. In my school, there is a big hall where various cultural events are held.

    The name of our Principal is (your Principal’s name).In my school, there are 50 teachers who love and care us and teach us very well. The discipline of my school is very strict. I love and respect my teachers.

    In my school, we celebrate Independence Day, Republic Day, Saraswati Puja, Teachers’ Day, Children’s Day, Annual sports Day etc.

    Every year we celebrate annual function in our school premises. On that day, I go to the school with my parents and enjoyed the program very much.

    My school participates many events and competitions like quiz contest, debate, cricket matches, football matches, karate competitions etc. and win many prizes and trophy.

    In my school, we learn not only our lessons but also learn to share things, help to each other, manners, discipline, and morality etc. due to which our personality develops.

    I feel very lucky to have so many good friends and teachers in my school. I love my school and feel proud for my school.


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