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    Water pollution is one of the major problems on the earth.There are many types of water pollution. Also read prevention,effect and conclusion

    Water Pollution



    Pollution is the contamination of natural environment by chemicals, human activities, foreign substances etc. There are many types of pollutions like water pollution, air pollution, soil pollution, noise pollution, light pollution, radioactive pollution etc.


    Water Pollution

                       Water Pollution

    Water is one of the most important resources for all living things. About 70% surface of the earth is covered with water. When the water bodies like oceans, seas, rivers, lakes, ponds, and also ground water etc. contaminated by the chemicals, microorganisms, human activities and natural toxics are called water pollution, which is harmful for human beings, plants, animals and aquatic eco-systems. Water pollution is a main environmental problem.

    Types of water pollution

    There are many types of water pollution as water comes from different sources.

    The types of water pollutions are:-

    ·       Nutrient pollution

    ·       Surface water pollution

    ·       Oxygen depleting

    ·       Ground water pollution

    ·       Microbiological

    ·       Suspended matter

    ·       Chemical water pollution

    ·       Oil spillage

    Causes of Water Pollution

    There are many things that cause water pollution. The causes of water pollution may be natural and anthropogenic.

    The common causes of water pollution are :-

    ·       Leaking sewer lines

    ·       Urbanization

    ·       Mining activities

    ·       Throwing garbage into the water

    ·       Dumping of industrial waste

    ·       Deforestation

    ·       Organic, inorganic and microscopic contaminants

    ·       Household waste

    ·       Oil spillage

    ·       Global Warming

    ·       Natural disasters like earthquake, volcanic eruption, soil erosion

    ·       Agricultural run-off

    ·       Acid rain

    ·       Agricultural waste

    ·       Eutrophication

    Prevention of Water Pollution  

    Prevention is the best solution for water pollution as it is one of the biggest threats to the environment. Water pollution can be measured by analysing the water sample.

    There are some ways to reduce the water pollution.

    ·       Agricultural waste water treatment.

    ·       Industrial waste water treatment

    ·       Soil conservation.

    ·       Dispose of toxic, chemicals properly.

    ·       Effective oil management.

    ·       Avoid throwing garbage, waste materials into the water.

    ·       Dispose the medical waste properly.

    ·       Use and maintain the septic system properly

    ·       Always use environment friendly, soluble products.

    ·       Avoid the usage of non-biodegradable materials like plastic, Polythene etc.

    ·      Should not waste the water as water wastage is a global problem.

    ·       Increase awareness by educating and campaign within     community.

     Effects of Water Pollution

             Effects of Water Pollution

    Water pollution affects the human beings, aquatic animals and also entire eco-system.

    Drinking or consuming of polluted water can cause diseases like cholera, typhoid, jaundice, dysentery and many other diseases. About 3575000 people die due to water-borne diseases. In India, around 80% of diseases related to stomach happen due to consuming polluted water.

    Water pollution affects the metabolism of the aquatic animals. When the aquatic animals consume the pollutants in the water, they were affected. When the human beings consume those aquatic animals, they also are affected. Polluted water affects the entire food-chain.

    Water pollution can cause skin diseases like skin allergies, skin cancer, rashes etc.


    The organization Global Oceanic Environmental Survey (GOES) said that the water pollution is one of the major environmental problems which is also a greatest environmental threat. The two countries India and China have high levels of water pollution.

    It is our responsibility to conserve water and keep the water bodies clean and pollution free.

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