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    Essay on cow 500 words / Cow essay 150 words for 5,6,7,8 students.Cow is a common farm animals.In our cow is considered mother called Gaumata.

     Essay on Cow

    Essay on cow 500 words / Cow essay – 150 words for 5,6,7,8 students

    Essay on cow 500 words

    Essay on Cow

    Cow is one of the most common domestic animals. Around 10,500 years ago, South-east Turkey first domesticated cows which were wild oxen, known as auroachs.

    Cow’s Physical Structure

    The cow is categorised on Mammalia. There are different breeds of cows with different size and weight. There are 37 cattle breeds in India. Sahiwal, Gir, Tharparkar, Red Sindhi and Rathi are five  dairy cattle breeds.

    Both the male and female have two horns on their head. They have four legs, a long tail, and two big eyes. The cows have 32 teeth in the bottom front of the jaw but they don’t have any upper teeth. They have a four chamber stomach. The cows can live more than 20 years

    Cow’s Behavior

    Cows are calm animals. They are good swimmer and they enjoy a good rubdown on head, neck or back.

    The cows are colour-blind to red but they have almost 300 degree of vision. Cow’s sense of smell is very keen and able to smell odor up to six miles away.

    When grazing or resting, cows always face either magnetic north or south which remains a mystery.

    Cows like to lie down for about 10 to 12 hours a day and spend 4 hours on sleeping.

    Cows are able to shake their skin and abdomen without shaking other body parts.

    A cow eats grass, leaves, hay and other vegetation which are rich in cellulose and is difficult to digest. So the cows slowly chew the partly digested food over and over again which is returned from the first compartment of the stomach and then finally swallowing it. This process is called “chew the cud” or “rumination”.

    Economic Production

    Essay on Cow

    Cows are very useful pet animal. Cows are domesticated for dairy, beef, veal and leather.

    The largest milk producer is the European Union, who has about 23 million dairy cows.

    According to the National Bureau of Animal Genetic Research, the breed of Indian cattle has better milk quality.

    Cow milk is a common nutritious beverage for infant to adult. Cow milk is like nectar because it is rich in calcium, magnesium, zinc, vitamins etc. Milk has anti-oxidant properties. Milk can reduce acidity problem.

    The cow milk products such as ghee, butter, cheese, yogurt ice-cream etc. are the important food supply for us.

    Cow hides are used for leather to make shoes couches clothing etc.

    Cow dung is used as manure in the agricultural field. In rural areas, cow dung cake is used as fuel for cooking.

    Cow urine is used to make pesticides and also Ayurvedic medicines.

    Essay on Cow

    Adult male cows or bull or oxen help in agricultural activities and also help in transportation of goods.


    Essay on Cow

    In our Vedic Culture, cow is considered mother, called “Goumata” or “Gomata”. The cow is considered sacred, so Hindus worship it so in Hindu nations have strict laws to protect them. In Madhya Pradesh, where anyone kills a cow can be jailed for seven years.

    The cow is a symbol of purity and peace and is considered a great donor.

    Essay on Cow – 150 words

    Essay on Cow

    Cow is a common pet or farm animal. We domesticate cow mainly for milk, meat and agricultural activities.

    The cow is a mammal. It has four legs, two big ears and eyes, a long tail and two horns on its head. The cows are of different colours like white, black etc. The cow likes to eat grass, leaves, hay etc. Their life span is more than 20 years.

    We get milk which is very nutritious. We get many dairy products like ghee, butter, cream, cheese etc. from milk. The meat of cow or Beef is one of the most in-demand products worldwide. Cow’s skin is used to make leather. This leather is used to make bags, shoes, clothing etc. In rural areas, cow dung cake is used as fuel to cook food. Cow dung is used as manure in agricultural field.

    Cows are very useful animals so Hindus worship cows as gods and called it “Goumata”.

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