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    Description of Global Warming. Causes of Global Warming. Effects of Global Warming. Way to Reduce Global Warming. Conclusion.

    The Global Warming

    Essay on Global Warming

    What is Global Warming?

    Global Warming is a major problem for our planet. Global warming is the rapid increasing of temperature of the earth’s atmosphere which was observed from mid-20th century due to burning fossil fuels by humans. Burning fossil fuels such as oil, coal, gasoline etc. produce heat- trapping greenhouse gases. Greenhouse effect of the atmosphere and destruction of the ozone layer have led to this phenomenon called Global warming

    From 1906 to 2005, the earth’s temperature rose 0.6 to 0.9 degree Celsius which is almost doubled in the last 50 years. Earth’s temperature could be rise 2 degree to 6 degree by the end of 21st century. 

    Causes of Global warming

    Essay on Global Warming

    The earth is covered with a thin layer of gases which protects the earth from sun’s harmful radiation, so the earth’s temperature is mild and steady.

    The scientific research proves that humans have changed the earth’s atmosphere over the past two centuries

    There are many reasons for increasing the global temperature.

    ·       Burning fossils fuels is the main cause of Global warming. Since the Industrial Revolution, burning fossil fuels such as oil, coal gasoline by humans in the power plants, factories, vehicles etc. which increasing the carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere.

    Essay on Global Warming

    ·       The most important reason of Global warming is greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, chlorofluorocarbons. The increasing atmospheric temperature due to these greenhouse gases is called greenhouse effect. The earth gets sunlight from earth. 70% units are absorbed by the earth’s surface, dust particles, oceans or clouds. Remaining 30% units are reflected back to the space.  The greenhouse gases absorb a little amount of the outgoing radiant and prevent the heat from the earth to radiate back into the space which increases the earth’s temperature.

    Essay on Global Warming

    ·       Deforestation is one of the main reasons for Global warming. When the forest is cleaned by cutting the trees to build roads, agricultural fields and urban development is called deforestation. Trees play an important role in Carbon Cycle and absorb the carbon dioxide. But removal of trees increase the amount of carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere which causes Global warming.

    ·       Mining and manufacture of cement are also increase the amount of carbon dioxide.

    ·       Agricultural activities and farm animal’s dung produce methane in the atmosphere which is commonly known as natural gas. Methane is a greenhouse gas that increases the earth’s temperature, result Global warming.

    ·       Fertilizers or artificial nitrogen is used in the agricultural field which increases the nitrogen oxide in the atmosphere which causes Global warming.

    ·       Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) are used in refrigerator, air-conditioners, aircrafts and in many industrial processes that also increases the level of earth’s temperature.

    Effects of Global Warming

    1.  Climate Change

    Due to Global warming, irregular weather pattern can be seen. Global warming can increase the level of evaporation which can cause more rainfall. This change is already seen in polar and sub-polar regions. The animals and plants cannot survive and the whole eco-system may get disturbed.

    2.  Melting of Glaciers

    Essay on Global Warming

    Due to Global warming, the glaciers melt faster which raises the sea level that will lead to flooding. Melting glaciers also lead to endanger several species of animals and can destroy the balance of eco-system.

    3.  Rise in Drought

    Global warming increases the rate of evaporation which can cause of drought in many places.

    4. Diseases

    Hot temperature and increases rainfall affect the health of humans. Water-born diseases like cholera, malaria, dehydration etc. are spread into the people. Asthma, infectious diseases and allergies will increases with higher level of air pollution.

    5.  Effect of Agriculture

    Plants are the main source of food. Global warming changes the climate pattern which affects the agriculture.

    6.  Animal Extinction

    Global warming will lead to disruption of habitat which may lead to extinction of many flora and fauna.

    7.  Sever Precipitation

    Global warming will lead powerful hurricanes, summer storms, frequent wildfires, hot waves etc.

    1.   The major effect of Global warming is, increasing the level of earth’s temperature. As a result, increasing the number of hot days and nights and decreasing the number of cold days and nights

    Way to Reduce Global Warming

    Essay on Global Warming

    Global warming is a very disturbing phenomenon. It is slowly leading the world to destruction. We should try to reduce Global warming by these ways:-

    ·       We should use biodegradable things. We can recycle the household waste which can save 2400 pounds of carbon dioxide annually.

    ·       We should use less heater and air conditioner and use LED bulbs.

    ·       We should buy the Energy Star certified appliances which not only save a good amount of money on electric bill but also reduce the carbon dioxide production.

    ·       We should save water and store the rain water. We should use less hot water

    ·       We should dry our clothes on sunlight instead of dryer.

    ·       Walking and cycling can save fuels and we should carpool to office or school.

    Essay on Global Warming

    ·       To save electricity and reduce Global warming, we should turn off the switch when we leave a room. We should turn off the television, computer, video player or other electrical equipments when they are not in use.

    ·       We should plant more trees because the trees absorb carbon dioxide and give oxygen. A tree can absorb approximate one ton of carbon dioxide during its whole lifetime.

    ·       We should make people aware of Global warming.


    Global warming is one of the main and deadly threats to the earth. Global warming is slowly leading the world to the destruction. If we are not aware from now on, lives will no longer exist on earth. Today, the world is oppressed by pollution. We humans have made the world sick today.

    Our awareness and love for nature can make this world pollution free again.

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