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    Essay on dog600 words/Essay of dog250 words/Essay on the dog10 lines.The word dog is derived from Latin word, Canis. worldwide dog population is900 mi

    Essay on Dog

    Essay on dog-600 words/Essay of dog-250 words/Essay on the dog 10 lines for kids, children and students


    Essay on Dog

    Dog is one of the most popular pet animals worldwide. Dog was the first animal which was domesticated by the early people. Scientists think that, the wolf species has evolved into the dog species. The word dog has been derived from the Latin word "canis". The scientific name of domestic dog is Canis Familiaris. The worldwide dog population is around 900 million and most of them live in wild.

    Physical structure of the dog

    The dog’s body is covered with fur which is refers to the hair which protect the dogs from injury, cold, water. The dogs are in many colours like brown, black, white, grey, grey-brown etc. The dogs have 3 eyelids and the third eyelid is known as “haw”, which protects and lubricates the eyes. Dogs can hear 4 times better than humans. Their sweat glands are located only between their paw pads.

    In present day, there are many hundreds of different breeds of dogs such as Siberian Husky, Doberman, Chow Chow etc. Different dog breeds have different height and weight. Yorkshire Terrier is the smallest dog breed and Great Dane is the largest and tallest dog breed. According to Guinness World Record, Saluki is the oldest dog breed

    .Dog’s sense of smell, vision and hearing are very keen. Another study said that, the dog’s senses of vision are so powerful that it can also see the earth’s magnetic field. Dogs communicate with in different ways like licking, waging tails etc.

    Dogs can live in different habitats, including prairies, deserts, grasslands, forests, rain forests, coastal areas, and arctic regions.

    Dog is a carnivorous animal. They eat meat but also consume plant products.

    Behaviour of the dogs

    As dogs are evolved from wolves and related to foxes and jackals, they share much behaviour just like their relatives ((jackals, wolves, foxes). They both used to urinate on rocks, trees, fences, poles etc. to mark and defend their territories, which they have occupied from other dogs. They both hide their favourites or reaming food like bones, meat for later use. Dogs show their affection by licking their masters. When a dog has skin problems like allergies, pain or infections then it licks itself. Greyhound is a great long distance runner. Its speed is 35 mph and faster than cheetah.

    Benefits of having a Dog

    Dogs have been helping people with various tasks since ancient times like hunting, pulling loads, protection. Dogs are being used in police and military activities and more recently, assisting people with disabilities and treatment-related roles. Dog’s sense of smell is very sharp. Using the dog’s sense of smell, the police find the criminals, recover explosives etc.

    These four-legged friends can work wonders for your well-being. They keep their masters stress-free, fit and active, depression free, reduce heart disease.

    Dogs love their owners and never leave them under any circumstances. Their unconditional love, loyalty, devoted companionship; constant entertainment; loyalty and honesty give them the sobriquet of “men’s best friend”.

    Disadvantages of keeping a Dog

    Dogs can have many positive effects on their owners' lives. Dogs of any age carry harmful germs that can cause a variety of illnesses, from minor skin infections to serious illnesses. Dogs can spread several dangerous and bacterial diseases to human by aerosols, their infected saliva, contaminated urine or feces. Viral infections transmitted to humans by dogs such as rabies and norovirus. “Capnocytophaga canimorsus” is a type of bacteria, which was detected in nearly 75% of dog’s mouth and the people can contract this bacteria through a dog bite or licking, result septicemia and death.


    Dog is a very faithful animal. Dog wants only your love, affection and care and wants to give you love and loyalty in return.

    Essay on Dog

    Essay of the Dog-250 words

    Dog is a very faithful animal. The word dog is derived from the Latin word, Canis. Dog is a omnivorous mammal belongs to the class Mammalia and Canidae family.

    Dogs are of different colors with four legs, two ears, two eyes and a tail. When the dog is scared, it keeps its tail in between the legs and shows its happiness by waging its tail.  The dog is an omnivore animal i.e. they can eat both the meat of other animals and the plant products. A dog can live 10 to 13 years. An adult dog can sleep for 12 to 14 hours. An Australian cattle dog named Bulley lived 29 years, who was the longest living dog according to Guinness World Record.

    Dog’s sense of smell, vision and hearing are very keen. The colour and texture of their coat are different in different breeds. There are many hundreds of different breeds of dogs such as  Poodles, Beagle,  Afghan Hound etc.

    A female dog gives birth about 6 to 8 puppies. Dogs show their affection by licking their masters. The dogs are the most faithful animal, but sometimes they became aggressive towards strangers and attack them.

    Some plants which are poisonous for the dogs such as Sago palm, Tomato plant, Aloe Vera, Ivy etc.

    Dogs are being used in police and military activities. Dog’s sense of smell is very sharp. Using the dog’s sense of smell, the police find the criminals, recover explosives etc.

    The dog’s loyalty, honesty, unconditional love, devoted companionship; give them a nickname, “men’s best friend”.

    Essay on Dog

    Essay on the dog 10 lines

    1.   Dog is the most popular pet animal.

    2.   Dog has four legs, two ears, two eyes and a tail.

    3.   Dogs are in different colours such as black, white, brown etc.

    4.   Dog’s baby is called puppy and their house is called kennel.

    5.   Dogs are good runner, swimmer and hunter.

    6.   Dog's sense of smell and sight are very strong.

    7.   Dogs eat meat, rice, biscuit and fruits also.

    8.   Dog’s hair and saliva can cause many diseases to humans.

    9.   Dogs do not leave their owners until death.

    10.                     Dog is also called the “man’s best friend” for its helpfulness, love and loyalty.



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