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    Essay on save water /Essay on save the water 650 words/Essay on conservation of water/Why to save water/How to save water/Conclusion

     Essay on save water

    Essay on save water 600+ words/ Essay on save the water/ Essay on conservation of water for students 

    Essay on save water: Water is essential for every living things. 


    Essay on save water

    Water is a vital and essential element for all living beings. It is used for drinking, cooking, bathing, cleaning, washing, and many more activities in our daily lives. The plants use water for making food so it is our responsibility to save water.

    70% of our earth is covers with water but only 2.5% of water is fresh water and 97% of water is salt water. Save water to save our earth.

    Clean and fresh water is the most precious resources so use the water wisely and be responsible of it.

    Why to save water

    Essay on save water

    Water is the most important and precious resources after air. Though 70% of our earth covers with water but only 2.5% of fresh water. 97% of earth’s water is salty which isn’t drinkable, about 2% of water is locked in ice-caps and glaciers and remaining 1% is ground water.

    Conservation of water includes avoiding water pollution. To save water we must reducing wastage of water, prevent damaging water quality and improve water management.

    The uses of water are endless so it is important to save water.

    1.   We need water for drinking, cooking, cleaning, washing, bathing and many more activities so save water.

    2.   Plants are the main supplier of food. All animals depend on plants directly or indirectly for food. The plants need water to make their food (Photosynthesis). Without water, there will be no plants and without plants, there are no lives, so must save water.

    3.   There are many animals that live in water and some animals depend on these aquatic animals for food so we must save water to save ecosystem.

    4.   A large amount of energy is used to pump, treat and deliver water so using less water also save energy and reduce electric bill.

    5.   Due to global warming and growth of population, the amount of fresh water is decreasing which can bring more droughts and it will be very difficult to provide fresh water to the over populated world. So we must save water for future.

    How to save water

    Essay on save water

    We get fresh water from rivers, lakes, streams, etc. More than 1 billion of people around the world do not get the clean water. So we have to try to save water.

    ·       We can start saving water from water by using appliances which are most water and energy efficient.

    ·       Turn off the tap when brushing teeth, saving or soaping and also fix leaky taps and water pipes. We can save 6 litre of water a minute by turning off the tap.

    ·       Collect the rain water and use it in cleaning, washing clothes, in bathroom, washing cars and lawns or watering plants.

    ·       As reported by the EPA, we use 10 to 15 gallon of water by 5 minutes shower. To save water, use a bucket and mug and try to reuse the water for watering the plants.

    ·       Always wash the dirty clothes in full load washing Machine to save water and energy.

    ·       Water evaporates in sunlight and heat so watering the plants in the early morning or at the end of the day to save water.

    ·       Take the right amount of water in the glass. If there is excess of water, pour the water into a container and put it in the garden or on the terrace for thirsty birds and insects.

    ·       Deforestation or lack of plants allow the rain water to run away instead of going underground which decrease the amount of ground water. So plant more trees to save water.


    Essay on save water

    Water is also called life- giving liquid because without water plants and animals can’t survive. Many countries face difficulties due to lack of water. By adopting small practices to reduce water use, we can collectively make a significant impact on our environment and our communities in the long term. Committing to just a bit of effort can save our earth for our next generation.

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