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    Essay on Tiger/ Tiger essay for students-700 words /10 Lines on tigers for children and kids/ Short essay on Tiger- 250 words/Saving the Tigers

    Essay on Tiger

    Essay on Tiger/ Tiger essay for students-700 words /10 Lines on tigers for children and kids/ Short essay on Tiger- 250 words

    Essay on Tiger- 700 words for students

    Essay on Tiger


    Tiger is the largest cat species. Tiger is a wild, carnivore animal. They eat the flesh of other animals. The scientific name is Panthera tigris.


    Tiger has a muscular body. Their body cote is reddish-brown and has black stripes on it but their belly and interior parts of the limbs are white in colour. The pattern of strips of each tiger is different and is not match to each other. The coat protects them from predators by camouflage in the forest. General length of a male tiger is 250 cm to 390 cm and weight is 90 kg to 300 kg but the female is 200 cm to 275 cm and weight is 65 kg to 167 kg.

    The tiger has a large head, four legs with sharp claws as long as house keys, a long tail which is about half of its body, sharp teeth about 4 inches long

    There are also found white tigers with white fur and sepia brown stripes and blue eyes. Tigers can live 8 to 10 years.

    Habitat of Tigers

    The tigers can live in Siberian taiga where the temperature is -40 degree Celsius at night and they also can live in mangrove swamps of the Sundarban, where temperature is more than 40 degree Celsius. 

    Tigers live in India, Nepal, China, Myanmar, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Russia, Thailand, Indonesia etc. Tigers live in dense forest, long thick grasslands in forest areas.

    Behaviour of Tigers

    Tiger is a nocturnal predator. As carnivore, tiger hunt sambar, gaur, jackal, hares, wild boar, deer, bison etc. for food.

    Tigers hide into the bush and crawl quietly towards their prey and when they come close enough, they jump on it and break its throat to kill it. A tiger eat 20-25 pound of meat per day.

    When the tiger become old, weak or injured and not get enough food in the forest, the tiger attack humans and become man-eater.

    Tigers are god hunter, swimmer, runner and climber. Tigers communicate by lots of sounds like mews, roars, grunts hisses etc.

    Tigers urinate on the trees, rocks etc. to mark and defend their territories from the others. Female tigers give birth 1 to 4 cubs in the thick forest, thick bushes, tall grass or in the caves. Mother tigers teach the cubs to swim, climb and hunting.

    Killing Tigers

    Tigers are killed by poachers for their skins, and other body parts and sell them to make money. Many people in China and other parts of Asia believe that body parts of tigers have medicinal properties such as pain relievers and also used in pharmaceutical drugs but China has banned them. And there will be death penalty for poaching of tiger.

    The jewelleries made from tiger’s bones and teeth are sold in high price in the international markets.

    Due to increasing population, deforestation causes loss of habitat to tigers hence they are now under threat.

    Saving the Tigers

    Tigers play an important role in the structuring of communities and ultimately of ecosystem thus tiger conservation is an important consideration. Therefore, saving tigers means saving the ecosystem that is important for the survival of human.

    29 July is celebrated as Global Tiger Day often called International Tiger Day.

    In April 1973, the Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi launched a tiger conservation program, known as Project Tiger. Now there are 50 Project Tiger Wildlife reserves in India which cover more than 70,000 sq km areas are set up by the Indian Government.

    In 2019, there are 2967 Bengal tigers in India, 440 in Bangladesh, 235 in Nepal and 100 in Bhutan. 75% Bengal tigers are in India.

    Tiger population estimated by using camera traps and studies of DNA from tiger scat and also radio-collaring is used to track tigers in the wild.

    India has the largest population of wild tigers, 80% of total tigers on the earth. Some Tiger Reserve in India are Sundarban National Park, Bandhavgarh National Park,  Jim Corbett National Park etc.

    Myanmar Government designated 17477 square km of Hukaung Valley as a wildlife sanctuary and Tiger Reserve, which is the world’s largest tiger protecting areas.


    Tiger is the symbol of grace, power, strength and beauty. Tiger has been used in sports logo, arts, ancient dynastic symbols etc. Tiger is not only the National Animal of India but also the National animal of Bangladesh, South Korea and Malaysia.


    10 Lines on Tiger for children and kids


    Essay on Tiger

    1.   Tiger is a wild animal.

    2.   Tiger lives in dense forest.

    3.   Tiger hunts deer, jackal, bison, hares etc. and eat them.

    4.   Tiger has reddish-brown body with black stripes on it.

    5.   Tiger has four legs with sharp claws, sharp teeth, big head and a long tail.

    6.   Tiger is a good runner, hunter and swimmer.

    7.   Tiger is found in India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh etc.

    8.   Tiger is in threat due to deforestation and poaching.

    9.   Tiger is the symbol of strength, power, grace and beauty.

    10.                     Tiger is the National animal of India, Bangladesh, Malaysia and South Korea.

    Short essay on Tiger- 250 words


    Essay on Tiger

    The tiger is a majestic animal that symbolizes grace, strength and beauty. Tigers are fearless, most dangerous but a beautiful animal.

    Tigers are found in the Siberian Taiga as well as the mangrove forest of Sundarban. The dense forests of India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, etc. are the home of tigers. They live in dense forest, thick tall grasses, caves etc.

    Their reddish-brown coat and black strips help them to camouflage in the wild. The pattern of stripes of each tiger different and are not match to each other. An interesting fact is that, if a tiger loses all its fur, the same strips marks are found on its skin as well.

    As they are the largest cat species, they are good runner, climber and hunter. They like to cool themselves in the water body and can swim 4 miles at a time.

    Tigers are carnivore animals and as good hunters, they can kill large animals also. Generally they hunt chital, hog, sambar, water buffalo etc. In 2007, 20 rhinoceros were killed by the tigers in Khaziranga National Park. In Sundarban, venom snakes also found in Bengal Tiger’s stomach. Normally, a tiger can eat 18 to 40 kg of meat at a time.

    There were 8 tiger sup-species but three species were all vanished due to poaching, hunting and deforestation. Tigers are in danger for poaching or illegal hunting. A huge demand of tiger’s skin and other body parts to make traditional Chinese medicines, poachers kill the tigers and sell their skin and body parts to make money.

    However, Laws have been enacted to protect tigers and many protected forests have been created.

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