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    Essay on Nature/Nature means which is surrounded us, collective phenomenon of the physical world, which includes atmosphere, weather, ecosystem,


    Essay on Nature

    Essay on Nature/ Essay on Nature 500+ words


    Essay on Nature

    Nature means which is surrounded us, collective phenomenon of the physical world, which includes atmosphere, weather, ecosystem, flora, fauna, and landscapes and other features and products of the earth. Nature is derived from the Latin words “natura” and literally means birth. Nature takes care of us and nurtures us like a mother. Nature provides us with food, water, breathing air and everything we need.

    Creation of nature

    It is estimated that the earth was created from the solar nebula 4.44 billion years ago, along with the Sun and other planets. The moon was created approximately 20 million years later. Deep underground, the earth is still filled with molten rock. Then the water remained a gas. When the earth cooled below 212 degrees Fahrenheit, the water condensed into rain and continued to fall for centuries, which filled the basins that are now our oceans. Slowly life and nature were created. The earth has adorned itself with plants, seas, rivers, mountains, plateaus.

    Importance of Nature

     There is no question that the Earth is a donor planet. All the necessities of life and prosperity were provided by the natural world around us - food, water, medicine, shelter and even natural cycles such as climate and nutrients. The advent of technology and industry may have ostensibly removed us from nature, but it has not changed our dependence on the natural world

    Recent research has found that spending time in a green space, such as a park, can be beneficial for one's mental and physical health. One thing is often overlooked: the environment disrupts the entire world economy. Without fertile soil, clean drinking water, healthy forests and a stable climate, the world economy will face catastrophe.

    Can we imagine poetry without flowers, painting without landscapes, or film without scenery? There is no doubt that the natural world has provided some of its great themes to global art. On April 22, Earth Day is celebrated around the world to show support for environmental protection. Earth Day reminds ourselves what nature gives us free-of-charge.

    Human impact on the environment

    Humans affect the natural world in a variety of ways such as overpopulation, pollution, fossil fuels, and deforestation etc. which are the causes of climate change, soil erosion, poor air quality, and undrinkable water.

    Deforestation, illegal hunting, polluted environment, global warming, climate change, urbanization and the human’s greed and selfishness are responsible of massive destruction of nature.

    We humans have made the world sick today and slowly leading the world to the destruction.

    Save Nature

    Nowadays people are becoming aware of protecting our environment and making real efforts to protect it from further degradation. We should try to protect the nature by saving water; recycle the household waste which can save 2400 pounds of carbon dioxide annually, carpool to office or school, tree plantation, Increase awareness by educating and campaign within community.


    Our mother earth is sick and is slowly leading the earth to destruction. If we are not aware from now on, lives will no longer exist on earth. Our awareness and love for nature can make this planet healthy and beautiful.

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