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    Essay on Effects of Deforestation/Effects of Deforestation Essay: Deforestation brings greenhouse gas emission, climate change, water cycle disruption

     Essay on Effects of Deforestation


    Essay on Effects of Deforestation

    Trees are our true friends. Trees give us oxygen to breathe, food to eat, life-giving medicines, cool shade, timber, fuel and many more. Forest provides shelter to many animals as well as many indigenous people, who entirl depended on forests. About 30% of earth land surface covered with forest but every year 3.5 7 billion trees cut down. About 40% of forests are destroyed for commercial or industrial agriculture. About 14% of deforestation occurs due to livestock ranching. Infrastructures- transportation, transformation and energy generation, are responsible for 10% to 12% of deforestation. About 640 million trees are cutting down to make paper, according to Environment Paper Network.

    Effects of Deforestation

    Deforestation affects the biodiversity. Deforestation brings many problems like soil erosion, greenhouse gas emission, climate change, loss of habitat, flooding, water cycle disruption, fewer crops and many more.

    Essay on Effects of Deforestation

    Greenhouse gas emission and global warming-In the day time, the trees absorb carbon dioxide from the air and release oxygen. Deforestation increases the amount of carbon dioxide in the environment. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, which trap the heat of the sun and prevent the heat from the earth to radiate back into the space, result raising the atmospheric temperature. Increasing of earth’s average temperature is called global warming. Deforestation is responsible of 25% of the total greenhouse gas production.

    Climate Change-Due to deforestation and Global warming, irregular weather pattern can be seen. Climate change affect the weather phenomena, droughts, flood, forest fire, death or extinction of many species of flora and fauna, hurricanes, hot waves, Arctic likely to become ice-free, in one word climate change affects the whole ecosystem.

    Essay on Effects of Deforestation

    Habitat loss- About 60 million indigenous and tribal people live in the forests and fully depended on forests for their subsistence and income. Due to deforestation the animals do not get sufficient food and water, breeding habitat, shelter and pushes them towards extinction.

    Water Cycle-The trees and plants absorb the underground water and evaporate the water into the atmosphere. When the trees are destroyed or deforested, the rainfall is reduced and the water cycle is interrupted, which leads to much drier climate, drier soil and inability to grow crops. Gradually, the areas become barren desert. Water cycle, due to deforestation, affects the ecosystem, economies and our daily lives.

    Water Pollution- Deforestation is one of the main causes of water pollution. 30% of emerging diseases occurs due to deforestation, according to the World Economy Forum. Deforestation brings worrisome life-threatening diseases, such as malaria, dengue, yellow fever etc.

    Essay on Effects of Deforestation

    Soil Erosion and Flooding- The roots of the trees bind the soil and prevent it to wash away. Due to soil erosion, the soil loss its fertility, result fewer crops or the land turns into fallow land and leads to downstream flooding. Due to deforestation, the huge and terrible Yangtze River flood had occurred in 1998.  

    Nutrient Cycle- Deforestation affect the nutrient cycle. About 80% of the nutrients in the rain forest come from trees and plants, which leaves 20% nutrients in the soil. These nutrients recycled back into the plants and trees. But deforestation changes this condition quickly.


    Essay on Effects of Deforestation

    According to World Wildlife Fund, 30% of the earth’s land surface covers with forests. These forests provide food and fuel to one billion people; jobs in the forest sectors to 13.4 million people and also provide jobs related to forest to 41 million people. Deforestation is leading the earth to destruction. Planting more trees can save our earth. Steps should be taken to stop deforestation and restore past damages that has been caused for more than hundred years. Increase public awareness and influence by educating people about the causes and effects of deforestation.

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