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    Essay on Trees/Tree is a tall plant with woody stem or trunk which supports the photosynthetic leaves/Importance of trees/How to save trees/Conclusio

     Essay on Trees


    Essay on Trees

    Tree is a tall plant with woody stem or trunk which supports the photosynthetic leaves. Trees are our true friends and play a vital role in our lives. Trees give us oxygen to breathe, food to eat, life-giving medicines, cool shade, timber, fuel and many more. Forest provides shelter to many animals and many indigenous people who fully depended on forests.

    We get food, shelter, clothe materials, paper, timber, gum rubber medicines etc. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and give us oxygen to breathe. The colourful flowers of trees make us happy. Tree branches are the home of many birds and animals. Trees give us much but without expecting anything. We can show our gratitude through care and love of them.

    Importance of trees

    Trees are the longest living species on Earth which gives us a link between past, present and future. They have turned the earth into a living planet and make the earth a beautiful place. As true friends, trees give so much and ask little in return.

    Beneficial for health- Trees trap the dust and absorbing pollutants from the environment to reduce pollution and also protect from solar radiation. Each year 1.7 kg pollutants can be removed by a single tree. Research suggests that people who are surrounded by trees and green space may have improved heart and blood pressure and are healthy and fit. There are 50,000 plant species used for medicinal purposes. Trees produce oxygen through photosynthesis. There will be no life without oxygen.

    Beneficial for the environment- The roots of the trees bind the soil and prevent it to wash away and prevent the soil erosion and flooding. Trees absorb carbon dioxide which helps to slow the rate of global warming. Trees also prevent the climate change, drought, hot waves and many more.

    Beneficial for the wildlife- 31% of earth surface is covered with forests which is the home of 80% of world’s known animals and plants. These forests give shelter, food, water, protection and breeding habitat to the animals that live in the forests.

    Economic Importance- Wood from trees is used for making house, furniture, matchbox, paper, gum, boat etc. Coal and wood is used as fuel. Leaves of some trees are used for thatching roof of the hut. We get medicines, spices, oil, food, fruits, cotton for clothing, dyes, tanning materials and many more.

    How to save trees

    About 30% of earth land surface covered with forest but every year 3.5 7 billion trees cut down. Deforestation brings many problems like soil erosion, greenhouse gas emission, climate change, loss of habitat, flooding, water cycle disruption, fewer crops and many more. To save the trees and forest we should-

    ·       Use paper wisely.

    ·       Plant more and more trees.

    ·       Buy only FSC certified wood products

    ·       Educate Others on tree conservation

    ·       Prevent excess deforestation


    Trees protect our environment in several ways. Trees are our true friends and give us everything to survive so we have the responsibility to save these true friends. If we not save the trees, there will be no life on the earth. Trees make the earth colourful. If we are not aware from now on, lives will no longer exist on earth. Our awareness and love for nature can make this planet healthy and beautiful.



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