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    Essay on my mother/My Mother Essay in English 10 lines/ Essay on My Mother 500 words/ My Mother Essay 250 words/I have no language or words to express

    Essay on my mother

    My Mother Essay in English 10 lines/ Essay on My Mother 500 words/ My Mother Essay 250 words

     My Mother Essay in English 10 lines

    Essay on my mother

    1.   My mother is just like an angle to me.

    2.   My mother teaches me to talk, walk and everything.

    3.   My mother always does everything that makes our family happy and protected.

    4.   My mother always helps me in doing my homework, project and also helps me to solve any kind of matter just like a best friend.

    5.   In my eyes, my mother is the best cook, teacher, singer, painter and best mother in the world.

    6.   My mother tells me stories, jokes and lots of funny things to make me laugh at because she always wants to see my smiling face.

    7.   My mother loves me and all the family members very much and can sacrifice everything for us.

    8.   But if I do something wrong, my mother never support me but sometimes scolds me or punishes me.

    9.   When I get sick, my mother stays up beside my bed all night with a worried face.

    10.  I have never seen God but I have got in the form of my MOTHER.

    Essay on My Mother- 500 words


    Mother, a sweetest word in the world. My mother is an angel, a superwoman and my god. I never have seen God but I have got God in the form of my Mother. My mother is the foundation of our family and to me, she is just like a lighted lamp in a darkroom. My mother is my teacher, guide and my best friend.

    Role of My Mother in My Life

    My mother introduces me to this world. My first word was "mother" which my mother taught me. I started to walk by holding her fingers. Her love is unmatchable to anything because she never asks for anything in return. My mother plays an important role to boost my development and knows me more than anyone else. She has taught me to be honest, kind, respectful to elders, helpful and has also taught me the importance of family. My mother is very loving, caring, understanding but she never support me if I do anything wrong. Sometimes she explains me and sometimes scolds me or punishes me.

    Why I love and Respect My Mother

    My mother is my guide, my teacher, my best friend and my superhero. She is the foundation of my education. She helps me in my studies and also discusses my problems and explains how I can deal with it. My mother always support and helps me to improve myself. Her encouragement and support also encouraged me to work hard She is the best teacher, cook, singer, painter and the best mother in the world. My mother is the back bone of my family. From morning till night she works for my family with a smiling face and gives us everything we need which inspire me to work hard. When I am sick and open my eyes, I see that two worried eyes are looking at me. She is sitting near my head without resting or sleeping. She is too strict for discipline and had taught me to be discipline and mannered person. She is a very kind hearted woman and also very helpful to all. When we go to picnic or family trip, she plays, sings and also dances with us (though a bad dancer!!) and becomes one of my friends. Every time her energetic performances surprised me. I bow my head in respect of my mother's unconditional love, sacrifice, dedication.


    My mother is the best gift from God. Lucky one who has a mother and I am one of the lucky persons. Every year, on Mother’s Day I give cards, gifts to show my respect and love to my mother but I think that this one day is enough for her dedication, love and sacrifice for me? No way! I have no language or words to express her sacrifice, love, dedication or her glory. When the whole world pays respect and tribute on Mother's Day and shows love to mothers, then some mothers wait for their child in "old-age home". Shame on those children who think their mothers or parents are a burden on them. We must not forget that our existence is for our Mothers.

    My Mother Essay 250 words

    My mother is the best mother in the world and also my best friend. She is my first teacher. My first word was “mother”. She is just an angel for me.

     My day starts to see her smiling face and end with her tired but also a smiling face. My mother is foundation of our family and I never imagine a single day without her. She always helps me to do my studies and my good result is possible only for her. My mother always encourages me to do my own work so that I can become a self-depended person.

    My mother had taught me to be an honest, helpful and kind hearted person. My mother understands me very well and gives me everything which I really need. My mother is just like “Aladdin's Wonderful Lamp” to me.

    I am amazed to see her tireless work and dutifulness for everyone. When I face any problems, my mother guides me to get rid of the problems. Sometimes she becomes a safeguard for me.

     My mother never tolerates my mistakes and never supports me. Sometimes she corrects my mistake by scolding or explaining me. My mother dedicates her life for me and my family but never wants anything for her. Her prayers to god are only for our well-being.

    My mother is my God. She is my inspiration, my idol. Every year, on Mother’s Day, I give her my handmade cards and a small gift to her to show my love, respect and thanks because my existence is only for my mother.

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