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    Essay on Importance of Trees/Trees are our best friends as they give us and have made the earth a beautiful and habitable planet so We must care....

     Importance of Trees Essay / Essay on Importance of Trees for Students and Children 

    Essay on Importance of Trees: - Trees are our best friends. Trees give us our primary needs to live and also made the earth a  habitable planet. Trees give us oxygen to breath, clean water to drink, food to eat, life giving medicinal herbs and many more. The importance of trees cannot be explained in a few words. In one word, without trees our earth would become a lifeless planet. 

    Importance of Trees Essay –500+ Words For Class 7, 8, 9, 10 

    Essay on Importance of Trees for Students and Children


    Trees make our planet green and vibrant. Trees play a pivot role in the ecosystem, water cycle, climate change etc. The two things that keep us alive are food and oxygen. Trees give us these two essential things and without these, we get shelter, timber, medicines, firewood, rubber, paper etc. 

    Community and Social Value 

    Trees play an important role in every community. Trees give cool shade in summer and break the force of storm winds. Trees produce oxygen that all living things breathe in and absorb carbon dioxide to clean the air. Trees surrounding our streets, parks, playgrounds and backyards increase the natural beauty and create a peaceful aesthetically pleasing environment. Trees clean the air by absorbing air pollutants. Trees and green environment reduce depression, stress, asthma toll, heart attack, stroke and respiratory diseases and boost our physical and mental health. 

    Ecological and Environmental Value  

    Trees provide oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, clean the air, conserve water, prevent soil erosion, prevent global warming, support flora and fauna and many more. Trees absorb carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and many other air pollutants and clean the air and help to reduce global warming, soil erosion, flooding and also provide wildlife habitat, improve air quality. Trees provide food, fruits, grains, nectar to the animals and also give shelter to many animals, birds and other creatures. 

    Personal and Spiritual Value 

    Everything in this world is fleeting but the trees remain constant in the fleeting life. Trees are the witness to the past as some trees live thousand years and are notable in many myths around the world. Pando trees in Fishlake National Forest, Utah, USA is the oldest tree in the world, age 80,000 years. Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, sat under the Bodhi Tree for meditation and after 7 days he got Enlightenment. The banyan tree and peepal tree and many trees are worshipped by Hinduism and Buddhism and Jainism. They worship trees for immortality, fulfilling wishes, moksha or fertility. Oak trees symbolize courage and power, cherry trees are symbol of good fortune and luck. Trees play an important role in religious culture in Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism and also a symbol of hospitality in several African communities. 

    Commercial Value 

    Trees give us wood or Timber that are used for making furniture, paper, musical instruments, sports equipment, boat and ships, toys and also used in creating art. Wood is used as fuel, construction material. We get rubber, wax, cacao seed from cacao trees are used to make chocolates. Since ancient time, we use leaves, fruits, bark, roots and flowers to make medicines. The fruits are essential for almost entire population. Some animals, birds and other creatures depended on fruits which we get from trees. 


    Trees are our best friend and also the lungs of our earth. Trees give us everything to live, enhance the beauty of our planet by adding colorful flowers, leaves and fruits and also texture. One hundred trees have ability to remove 53 tons carbon dioxide and catch about 139000 gallons of rainwater per year. Without trees our mother earth will become a lifeless place. We must care of nature and trees. 

    Importance of Trees Essay-300+ words For Students 

    Essay on Importance of Trees for Students and Children


    Trees are the most essential and best resources that mother earth has provided to us. It is impossible to imagine a green beautiful vibrant earth without trees. When we hungry, trees give us food, fruits to eat, when we feel tired in summer, trees give us cool shade. The trees have kept us alive by giving us oxygen. Our minds are filled with joy when we see the beauty of flowers. Butterflies suck nectar from flowers, birds make their nest on the branches of the tree, Cool breeze soothes us. Trees are the precious gift of God so it is our responsibility to care them, to protect them. Without trees there will be no life on the earth and it will become a lifeless planet. 

    Importance of Trees 

    Trees are our best friends who give us everything but expect nothing in return. We depend on trees and without trees, our existence cannot be imagined. 

    Environmental Benefits 

     Trees are basically the protectors of our environment. Trees help to regulate the temperature in the atmosphere. Trees also make the water cycle easier. They also reduce soil erosion, flooding and also reduce speed and forces of winds. trees release nutrients to the soil to improve soil fertility. Trees are the main sources of oxygen which keeping us alive. They absorb carbon dioxide and other poisonous gases to purify the air and reduces the greenhouse effect 

    Social Benefits 

    Trees make our surroundings beautiful by blooming colorful flowers. Most birds make nests on trees, forests are the habitats of the wild animals. Trees are the main source of food. Trees give us wood, paper, rubber, gum, wax, vegetable oil, spices etc. Dry leaves and wood are used for cooking and heating purposes in the rural areas. 

    Economic Benefits 

    Trees are used in the pharmaceutical industry and making herbal medicine and are also heavily used in the construction industry. Paper, resin, tea coffee, wax, timber, gum etc. are given by trees which give us economic benefits and increase our prosperity. 


    We must plant trees to make this world sustainable and vibrant for our future generations.

     Importance of Trees Essay -150 words For Class 2, 3, 4

    Essay on Importance of Trees for Students and Children


    Trees play a crucial role in our lives. Trees make the earth colorful by producing beautiful flowers, leaves and fruits. Trees make the earth a livable planet. 

    Importance of Trees 

    Trees give us oxygen to breathe and absorb carbon dioxide and other pollutants to clean the air. We get all materials of our basic needs- food, shelter and cloth from our best friend trees. Trees give us food like food grains, vegetables, fruits, pulses etc. We get cotton to make our clothes and wood and timber to make our shelter. 

    Trees also give us our educational materials like paper, pencils etc. We also get rubber, coco, coffee, tea, jute, valuable wood, wax, medicinal herbs etc. from the trees which improve the economy of any country. 

    Trees prevent soil erosion and flooding and also reduce temperature in the environment. Trees provide shelter to many birds, animals and other creatures. 

    Trees give us everything so we should take care of them. 

    10 lines on importance of trees

    Essay on Importance of Trees for Students and Children

      1. Trees are the best and precious gift of God to our mother earth. 

      1. The tree gives us everything but never asks for anything from us. 

      1. Trees give us food to eat, fresh air, colorful flowers, delicious fruits, medicines, wood, paper, rubber etc. 

      1. Trees reduce noise pollution, improve water quality, prevent soil erosion and slow the rate of global warming. 

      1. Trees help to reduce stress, depression, risk of heart attack, stroke, blood pressure. 

      1. Trees increase the property value of homes as people pay more for houses with trees. 

      1. Many people depend on trees or forests forest resources for their livelihood. 

      1. Forest provides shelter to many animals and many indigenous people who fully depended on forests. 

      1. In some parts of the world, trees are worshipped by the people like Banyan tree, Peepal tree etc. 

      1. We can show our gratitude through care and love of trees. 



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