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    Essay on Rainy Season/ Rainy season brings a relief after a hot weather of summer season.The trees and plants become green with new leaves.....

     Essay on "Rainy Season" 

    Essay on Rainy Season

    Rainy season is the one of the most beautiful seasons. In India, there are six seasons: spring, summer, monsoon, autumn, pre-winter and winter. Each season duration is 2 months and the monsoon season is the third season of the year. According to Hindu Calander, the two months Shravana and Bhadrapada are the monsoon months or Varsha ritu. The word "Ritu" comes from a Vedic Sanskrit word "Rtu". 

    In rainy season, the sky is covered with dark clouds. Sometimes it rains a little but sometimes a lot with lightning and thunder. The trees and plants become green with new leaves and many flowers bloom in the rainy season. We get many fresh vegetables and fruits. The rivers, ponds, lakes fill with water. Rainy season brings a relief after a hot weather of summer season. In rainy season, we celebrate many festivals like Rathyatra, Janmashtami, Ganga Dussehra, Bihu, Pongal, Onam etc. it seems that the nature gets its life. 

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    Causes of monsoon 

    The word monsoon comes from an Arabic word "mausin" which means seasonal reversal of winds. The rainy season starts from June and continues till the end of September. The south-west monsoon winds blowing over the Indian Ocean and become moisture-laden. The Indian Peninsula divides these winds into two branches, known as Arabian branch and Bay of Bengal branch. Arabian Branch strikes the west coast of India so Kerala first experiences the monsoon. The Bay of Bengal branch causes the heavy rainfall of eastern India. Mawsynram in Meghalaya Plateau has recorded the highest rainfall about 1200cm in the world. Entire India receives 70% of rainfall from the Bay of Bengal and Arabian branch except Tamil Nadu. 

    Effects of Rainy Season 

    Indian agriculture is mostly depended upon the rainy season or monsoon rainfall so the farmers eagerly wait for the rainy season throughout the year. A good rainfall is very essential for adequate food production. The Indian economy also very much dependent on the monsoon rainfall. Heavy rainfall is needed for kharif crops like rice, sugarcane, pulses etc. 

    About 20% of electricity comes from hydroelectric power plant which directly dependent on heavy rainfall.  

    Heavy rain water fills the water bodies like seas, oceans, rivers, lakes, ponds etc. As a part of water cycle, rainfall clean the environment and also moistens the air. Rany season is very much beneficial for entire ecosystem. The rainy season brings happiness for humans and also for the animals. It seems that the nature gets its life back. 

    Heavy rainfall brings floods which destroy the crops and kill many people and animal. Less rainfall leads to drought, shortage of food, which increases the price of food products and also affects agro-based industries. 


    Rainy season is overwhelming important in every sphere of our lives and play an important role in economic as well as socio-cultural unity. It is the most favorite season of many poets and the inspiration for many poems and literature. Many literatures and poems have been written centering on this season.  

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