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    10 Lines on Winter Season/ In Winter season, we experience dry weather, clear sky, low humidity, snowfall or untimely rainfall.

    10 Lines on Winter Season

    10 Lines on Winter Season 

    Set -1

    1. 1. Winter is the second season of the year in India. 

    1. 2. Winter season lasts from December to mid-March. 

    1. 3. January and February are considered the coldest months of the year in India. 

    1. 4. Winter season has cold weather as the cold wind blows from the north. 

    1. 5. In winter season, the sun rises late in the morning. 

    1. 6. In winter season, the people wear woollen clothes and also used blankets, shawls to keep themselves warm. 

    1. 7. In winter season, we get many fruits like apples,      grapes, orange and many more. 

    1. 8. In winter season, marigold, sunflower, dahlia and many other flowers bloom.

    1. 9. In winter season, we like to drink hot coffee, tea or hot chocolates. 

    1. 10. In winter season we celebrate Christmas, New Year etc. And enjoy many outdoor activities. 


    1. 1. Winter Season is one of the 6 seasons of our country. 

    1. 2. In Winter season, we experience dry weather, clear sky, low humidity, snowfall or untimely rainfall. 

    1. 3. In winter season, the temperatures are 10° to 15°C in northern India and 20° to 25°C in southern India. 

    1. 4. In winter, the nights are long and the days are short. 

    1. 5. In winter season, dew drops on the grass shine in the sunlight and are covered with fog all around. 

    1. 6. During winter season, many trees shade the leaves. 

    1. 7. The students eagerly wait for winter season as they enjoy and celebrate holidays of winter vacation. 

    1. 8. In winter, many people visit the hill stations to enjoy skiing, ice-skating, sledding and so on. 

    1. 9. In winter season, many old people suffer joint pain and less physical activities increase our weight and blood pressure. 

    1. 10. Winter season brings relief from hot weather and the holidays bring relief from hard work and work pressure. 

    2. Set-3 

      1. 1. Winter season comes with holidays, delicious foods, festivals and happiness. 

      1. 2. The winter season brings Christmas and New Year festivities so people are in a festive mood. 

      1. 3. In winter season, some animals like reptiles and amphibians go to hibernation due to cold weather. 

      1. 4. In winter season the northern part of India especially the higher slopes of Himalayas experience snowfall. 

      1. 5. In winter season, some animals like reptiles and amphibians go to hibernation due to cold weather. 

      1. 6. winter weather is very difficult for them because they do not have warm clothes or proper shelter to survive the cold night. 

      1. 7. December and January are the coldest months of the year so the schools and colleges remain closed. 

      1. 8. Winter season, is the fantastic time to go for a picnic so the picnic spots are crowed in this time. 

      1. 9. In winter season, the children enjoy many outdoor games like cricket, badminton, football. 

      1. 10. In winter season, the students enjoy winter vacation, the time to take a break from our regular routine. 

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