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    Spring Season /Many literatures and poems have been written centering on this season. Spring season comes with new life, happiness and enthusiasm.

    Spring Season 

    Spring Season


    In India, according to the Lunisolar Hindu calendar, there are six seasons- Spring season, summer season, Monsoon season or Rainy Season, Autumn season, Pre-winter season and Winter season. Spring season is the first season of the year and comes after winter season. In India, the spring season begins from March and lasts till mid-April. It is one of the favorite seasons to everyone as it is the most beautiful season of the year. In this time, the cloudless blue sky and temperature is 30°.  

    Description of Nature 

    Spring season is the first season which comes after winter season. This time, the weather is much pleasant. The nature becomes lively. In winter, the trees shed the leaves so the nature loss its beauty and life but in spring the new leaves grow and the tree become green. It seems that the trees get back their lives. The branches of the trees are filled with colorful flowers like rose, Daffodil, Tulip, Bluebell etc. 

    Butterflies, bees become busy to collect honey from the flowers. The birds start to sing and chirp. The birds start to build their nests. The air filled with the fragments of blooming flowers.  

    We experience longer day and shorter night in spring season. The cool wind blows from the south. Many animals who went to hibernation in winter season, wake up and come to new life and in a beautiful nature.  

    In spring season, we celebrate many festivals like Holi, Baishakhi, Vasant Panchami and many more. The children enjoy the outdoor activities and go to picnic with friends and families. Spring season is the rebirth of nature, brings happiness.  

    Spring season is symbolized of love, prosperity and new life. The branches of mango trees are filled with mango blossoms. The cultivated fields fill with ripe crops that seems to be pure gold and the air filled with smell of new rabi crops because this time the crops are ready to harvest so the farmers are happy and celebrate many harvested festivals like Pongal, Bihu Baishakhi etc. 


    Spring season is the queen of all seasons and also very fond of all poets. Many literatures and poems have been written centering on this season. Spring season comes with new life, happiness and enthusiasm.  


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