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    Essay on Bird/Essay on Bird: Birds are warm-blooded vertebrates. Birds are found all over the world. Birds evolved from reptiles called theropods....

     Essay on Bird

    Essay on Bird

    Essay on Bird: Birds are warm-blooded vertebrates. Birds are found all over the world. Birds evolved from reptiles called theropods dinosaurs. Birds are omnivorous. Many bird species have become extinct worldwide due to human.


    Birds are warm blooded species. These vertebrates are very unique for their feathers and wings and more related to reptiles. Birds belong to the class Aves. The birds have many unique features like toothless beaks, four-chambered hearts, lightweight skeleton, ability to lay eggs. There are more than 10400 living bird species in the world.

    Description of the Birds

    Birds are warm-blooded vertebrates. Their bodies are covered with feathers. The birds can be very large or can be very small in size. Some birds are very large in size like penguin, ostrich, emu, wild turkey, Andean condor etc. The largest extant bird species is the common ostrich, found in Africa. Ostrich can grow up to 9.5 feet and weight will be around 156kg. The weight of an ostrich egg is 1.4 kg, which is the largest of any bird. The smallest bird is the bee hummingbird, found in the island of Cuba. Bee hummingbirds can grow 2.2 inches in length and weigh 1.95gm.Kiwi is the only bird species which has no wings. There are more than 60 flightless bird species in the world like penguins, emu, kiwi, ostrich, rheas etc. Domestic chickens and ducks are also flightless birds. Peacock, Mandarin duck, Nicober pigeon, Rainbow Lorikeet etc. are the beautiful birds whereas Eastern wild turkey, Andean condor, Cinereous vulture, Sri Lankan frogmouth etc. are the ugliest birds.

    Birds evolved from reptiles called theropods dinosaurs. Bird’s wings evolved from their forelimbs. Their hollow bones, light bodies, and nine air sacs inside their body help them to fly in the air. 

    Diet of the Birds

    Birds are omnivorous. Generally they eat fruits, vegetables, grains, crops, insects, pollen, flowers, nectar, seeds, as well as carrion. The vulture, eagle ,hawks, condors etc. are called raptors and primarily feed on other small animals, fish and other birds.

    Bird Habitat

    Birds are found all over the world. Birds are wild animals and prefer to live where they can get sufficient food, water, green trees, shelter etc. Since birds live in terrestrial habitats, they need trees for shelter, food, nesting and breeding. Some birds make their nests on trees with grass, plant material, leaves, sticks, etc. They can make their nests on the high buildings, poles, towers, mountain cliffs, whereas some birds make their nests under the snow as well as on ground. Many bird species migrate annually. Some bird species like Siberian Cranes, Greater Flamingo, Demoiselle Crane and many other species come to India in the winter season. World Migratory Bird Day (WMBD) is celebrated on the second Saturday of May and October each year. The purpose of this day is to raise awareness about the conservation of these migratory birds and their natural habitat.

    Conversation of the Birds

    Many bird species have become extinct worldwide due to human activities. The major causes of threat to birds are hunting, deforestation, urbanization, pollution, global warming etc. Historically, most bird extinctions have occurred in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Papua, Fiji, and New Guinea. Flooding in the islands due to sea level rise has killed many bird species. Many bird species are losing their ability to fight off specific diseases due to rapid changes in temperature and climate. The other threats are collision with cell towers, wind farms, buildings, towers, vehicles etc.


    Birds are the most beautiful and unique animal species. Birds have been used in arts, culture, painting etc. Dove symbolizes peace whereas Eagle and Hawk are the symbol of power, friendship, strength and prestige. To protect this unique species, government and conservation groups work together by passing laws. We should protect the birds and nature.

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