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    10 Lines on Television/Television gives us enjoyment and relaxation/Television is an excellent and beneficial gift given by the technology/....

    10 Lines on Television

    10 Lines on Television

    Set - 1

    1. Television or TV is a common but important device in our daily lives.

    2. Television broadcasts news, advertisements, sports as well as entertainment.

    3. There were many scientists who contributed to the development of the electronic television system such as Philo Farnsworth, John Logie Baird, Charles Francis Jenkins, etc.

    4.   Television gives us enjoyment and relaxation.

    5.  Television broadcasts news about the world so that we know what is happening around us.

    6. Television broadcasts a number of competitive programs and educational programs, which convey a lot of knowledge and information.

    7. Television entertains us by broadcasting sports, games, movies, serials, etc.

    8.  Television can make us lazy and fat because we do not work much while watching television.

    9. Television harms students' studies and also impairs their eyesight.

    10. Television is an excellent and beneficial gift given by the technology

    Set- 2

    1. Television is a wonderful gift of science.

    2. Television has brought the whole world into our hands.

    3. Now we can watch and know the news from around the world sitting at home.

    4. In the late 1920s, we got to television as a crude experimental form of.

    5. At first, there was black and white television but now we get color LED television, smart TV.

    6.  While watching television, we feel like real things are happening right in front of our eyes.

    7. Various programs are broadcast on television through satellites.

    8. Television systems have two main systems e.g. Transmitter and receiver.

    9. There are many channels on the television and a TV remote control helps in changing the channels.

    10. We enjoy watching movies, cartoons, reality shows, music, environmental shows, animal channels, and many more on television.

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