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    10 Lines on Tiger/ Here you can read 3 sets of "10 Lines on Tiger/ In 1973 Project Tiger of India initiated by Indira Gandhi../International Tiger Day

     10 Lines on Tiger

    1. Tiger is a carnivore animal as well as the largest cat species.

    2. Tiger is a top predator and the scientific name is Panthera tigris.

    3. Bengal Tigers are about 5 to 6 feet in length and the length of their tails is about 2 to 3 feet long.

    4. Their body is covered with reddish-orange fur with dark black stripes.

    5. Tigers have sharp claws and about 4 inches long teeth.

    6. The Tigers have an excellent sense of smell and hearing.

    7. Tigers are solitary animals and usually hunt alone.

    8. Tigers can consume around 55 to 60 pounds of meat in a single night.

    9. Tigers mark their territory by scratching or spraying urine.

    10. Bengal tigers' lifespan can be up to 25 years.

    Set - 2

    1. Tiger is the national animal of Bangladesh, South Korea, Malaysia as well as India.

    2. Tigers belong to the family Felidae and genus Panthera.

    3.  Tiger's generic name is Panthera which is taken from the Latin word Panthera.

    4. Eight subspecies of tigers were found on the earth, among them 3 are extinct.

    5. Bengal tigers prefer to hunt deer, pigs, sambar, wild boar, gaur, etc.

    6. Tigers are excellent swimmers and can swim more than 18 miles in a day.

    7. Tigers are found in the Indian subcontinent, Northeast Asia, Sumatra, Indonesia, etc.

    8. A female tiger gives birth to two to three blind cubs who open their eyes after 6 to 14 days.

    9.  Young male tigers migrate further to establish their first territory but female tigers stay close to their mother's territory.

    10.  liger and tigon are the hybrids of lion and tiger

    Set - 3

    1. Tigers kill more people in direct attacks than any other wild mammal.

    2. Tigers attack people when they are threatened, accidentally provoked, or come between the mother tiger and her cubs.

    3. When the tigers become old and lose their teeth and are unable to catch their prey so they can become man-eaters.

    4. Tigers are killed for their famous striped skins as well as for their other body parts.

    5. Tiger body parts are traded in Asia and China because many people in these two regions believe that tiger body parts have medicinal properties.

    6. The Chinese government has banned the use of tiger parts in pharmaceutical drugs and has made some crimes related to poaching of tigers punishable by death.

    7. The largest population of wild tigers is found in India and in 2021 this number is 2967.

    8. In 1973, Project Tiger of India initiated by Indira Gandhi led to the establishment of several tiger reserves.

    9. International Tiger Day was created in 2010 and is celebrated on 29 July every year to raise awareness for tiger conservation.

    10.  The tiger has been classified as endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

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